Driving Test Request


Important Information Before You Begin:

Completing the Form:

  1. It’s crucial to fill out the form with accurate details.
  2. In the event that it’s not done correctly, we will email you and you’ll need to fill it out again.
  3. Provide a clear idea of when you plan to finish your driving course and be prepared for the test. This information is vital for us to effectively find an appropriate test slot for you.

Why This Matters:

  • There’s a long waitlist for driving tests at the moment (over 6 months)
  • Searching for early test cancellations is a time-consuming process on our end, it can be a week / two week job for staff to find a driving test (by manually checking the DVSA website over 100 times a day). Sometimes it takes even longer, at this point, we usually work longer than what you’re billed you for, trying to get that test slot for you, effectively making a loss on the booking in the admin costs. Rest assured, we will keep working until we find that test.
  • Driving Course price you have paid covers our admin time to search and book your first driving test only.
  • If inaccurate details are provided, and we spend a lot of hours finding a test that doesn’t match your readiness, we’ll have to charge you an extra £199 for our additional time to search again.

Once You’re Ready: Click the button below to get started on the form.

Choosing How To Request Your Test:

1. Fast-Track Option:

  • Looking for test ASAP? Fill out the form immediately upon passing theory test, estimating when you think you’ll be ready for the test. If we work on this early, we can expect to get your test within 2 weeks from course completion (we get about 95% tests within that timeframe, even extreme waiting lists)
  • However, a word of caution: If, for some reason, you aren’t ready for this test, the wait for the next available slot could extend up to 6 months. If a second search becomes necessary because of unpreparedness, a fee of £199 will be applied to cover the additional hours we need to put into the search for 2nd test

2. Safe Approach:

  • Begin with your lessons, get a feel of your progress, and then complete the form when you have more clarity about your test readiness.
  • The drawback to this method is that the wait time for your test is extended, because we only start working on this late, typically a test slot is found within a month. Though longer than the fast-track option, it’s still quicker than the general 6-month wait.
  • While this might mean investing in a few more lessons to maintain and polish your driving skills, it significantly reduces the likelihood of incurring costs associated with searching for a second test & offers safer, less pressured learning for you