Here you will find some links to good quality youtube public available video driving lessons that might help you understand subjects covered with your driving instructor. Please note that depending on the area & instructor you might cover different subjects on different days. There is no “one way” of teaching, each test centre areas require different approach, each candidate learns at a different pace & each instructor has a different teaching style. If you have questions, please ask your instructor!

Car Controls

Cockpit drill


Moving off & stopping


Gears – another video

Gears – another video 2

When to change gears

Block gear changing

Progressive breaking

Clutch Control

How to prevent Stalling

Mastering Clutch Control

Clutch control on hill starts

How & When to use handbrake

How to steer

How to position on the road

Pulling away

Hill starts

Basics of driving:

Hazard perception

MSM Routine

MSM other video

Effective use of mirrors

Use of indicators

Adequate Clearance

Adequate clearance – 2nd video

Safe lange changing

Stopping precisely

Easy hill starts



Meeting – another video


Yellow box junctions


Joining busy junctions

Filter lights


Roundabouts other video

Roundabouts – lane discipline

Which lane to use at roundabouts

Busy Roundabouts

Large roundabouts

Joining busy roundabouts

Anticipation & planning

Dual Carriageways

Joining dual carriageways

Leaving dual carriageways

Rural roads

One way

Emergency Stop

Coping with nerves

Meeting traffic – double parked cars

Test manoeuvres

Real-life bay parking

Forward bay parking

90 degree angle bay parking

45 degree angle bay parking

Reverse parallel park

Real life parallel park

Pull up on the right & reverse

Emergency stop

Driving Test

Driving test mock test

Mock test 2

Tips to pass your driving test

More tips

Top 10 fails

Driving test myths

How to control your nerves

Show me tell me questions


Defensive Driving

Balanced cornering



Driving at night

Driving On motorway


Driving on snow