1.) Why should I choose your company?


We specialize in organising intensive driving courses & we have been trading since 2014. We publish all results at our facebook page.


We are a small company, we only use few instructors in each city. These have usually worked with us for number of years and have proven to do a good job. We only use fully qualified driving instructors – ADIs (Approved Driving Instructors by DVSA).


2.) Where are you based?


We cover Aberdeen, Glasgow, Bristol & Exeter. If you are based far from local driving test centre, you might have to meet your driving instructor closer to the test centre (they can pick you up from a bus stop / train station).


Course booking is done online or over the phone. Our Registered Office address is in Glasgow, although work from home & lessons are done with instructors in the cars.


3.) Will you pick me up from home?


We aim to offer pick up from home in Aberdeen, Glasgow, Exeter & Bristol, however if you are outside of the City/local test centre (i.e. more than 15 mins drive) then you will need to travel to meet your instructor closer to the driving test centre (instructor can pick you up from a bus stop / train station for easy travelling). This way you will spend more lesson time around the test centre covering lesson subjects, meaning you don’t waste your lesson time on commuting. Even though taking a bus/train sounds inconvenient, you are getting a better value for money this way.


4.) What do I need to start? What should I take with me during my lessons?


Your driving instructor will need to see:
* your provisional driving licence
* a print out of your driver record, this can be done here
* We recommend taking a bottle of still water with you (each day).


5.) What time & how long will my lessons be? 


You would usually need to take time off work to do your course, as driving for four hrs each day will be very tiring. Depending on your work you might be able to just take half days off work. Lessons usually take place in the mornings / early afternoons depends on instructor availability. If you require specific time schedule then this must be discussed at booking and confirmed that the times will be available prior to booking.


6.) Will there be a break ?


Yes, there will be a break about half way through your session. Your instructor will take you to a place where you can get a drink, use toilets etc. Typically local superstore (tesco, asda).


7.) How does it work?


Typically you would start your course in a quiet location to get used to the car. Start with basic subjects such as moving off and stopping, junctions and other.

Once you feel more comfortable and master the basics we can introduce more challenging subjects such as roundabouts, crossroads, dual carriageways & other. Once you cover all the subjects you will usually carry out a “mock test”.


8.) Is the theory test included? How do I prepare for it?


Within the price we include all your study materials for the theory test. You get access to highway code, hazard perception videos, multiple choice questions. Everything you need to prepare yourself for your theory test. The actual theory test is £23 on top of the course price & you book it. Driving Test is included within the price & we book it.


9.) How do I book my theory test?


We send you all the instructions in an e-mail after course booking. You simply open the link, enter your provisional licence number, select a date, time and make a £23 payment.

We normally suggest booking it no later than 2 weeks before the start date of your driving course. This way if you fail, you can re-sit it during the course.


10.) Do I need to pass my theory test before booking a course with you?


No, about half of our clients book their driving course & theory test at the same time. Because we operate a couple of weeks/months waiting list for a course, they use this “waiting” time to get theory done.


11.) Where do you sit theory test?


The theory test has to be sat at the DVSA theory test centre. Here you can find the nearest one.


12.) What if I fail my theory test?


You start your driving course as planned & cover majority of your lessons. You book another theory test as quickly as possible. Depending on your progress you can either save some hrs from the course to use after you pass your theory test, before the practical test or you get more lessons on pay as you go basis.


13.) Do I get discount if I have passed my theory test already?


Unfortunately not, as theory test is paid separately at £23. You can still benefit from study materials we provide for example to refresh your highway code during your course.


14.) Is the driving test included ? When will my driving test be? What if I am not ready ?


One driving test is included within the price. We would usually start organising you a driving test the moment you pass your theory test (and fill in our driving test request form) for a date around your course completon date.


Currently even though driving test waiting lists are extremely long we still manage to get most of the tests up to 80-90% faster than the waiting list at your local test centres, usually that means getting a driving test within 1-2 weeks from course completion date, but sometimes & in some locations it can take longer (very rarely).


Your driving instructor usually will carry out a mock test on the last day of your driving course. If you are test ready then you would simply go for your driving test. If you are not ready, you can request additional lessons (subject to availability) and sit your driving test later.


15.) What is your pass rate? Is it a guaranteed pass?


Unfortunately, there is no such a thing as a “guaranteed pass” as anyone can fail their test. 


Due to a high volume of courses we sell, we don’t publish exact pass rates. Instead we publish results at our facebook page where you can find photos of many happy clients who have passed with us. 


16.) What if I fail my driving test?


You would  re-book it (it’s £62) and book some additional lessons on pay as you go (pay per hr) basis.

If you require help getting another driving test cancellation, this service is billed at £90 (on top of the test fee). 


17.) Which course is right for me?


  • A 5 day course (20 hrs in total, incl. test time) is for candidates with previous driving experience, who had previously taken driving lessons or private practice who feel „intermediate” (usually that means at least 20 hrs of previous, recent driving experience). 
  • A 7 day course (30 hrs in total, incl. test time)  is for candidates with some driving experience who have some basic skills but would like to spend more time on the basics (at least 10 hrs of recent experience).
  • A 10 day course (40 hrs in total, incl. test time) is for candidates with no experience or minimal driving experience (less than 10 hrs)


If you are not sure which course is best for you, you can give us a call on 07413 250 300 and we can advise.


18.) How do I place my booking?


You can place your booking using our booking calendar. Once your booking is placed you will receive an e-mail confirmation with further instructions. One of the team will usually give you a quick call to make sure we have all the details after your booking.


19.) How do I pay for it ?


You pay a fee of £349-£499 (depends on the course) at booking online by card. We use this to book the hrs with your instructor, pay for your driving test & send you study materials. Balance is payable to your driving instructor no later than 2 weeks prior to the start unless arranged otherwise with the instructor.


The usual method of payment for the balance is a bank transfer to your driving instructor, however as we work with many instructors, some of them do not use online banking and might request cash payment on the day. You will be able to discuss this directly with your instructor. Failing to pay the balance as per the instructor request will result in loss of space with no refunds.


20.) What if I place a booking and cancel my course?


Please only book once you know you can attend. When you place your booking we start making arrangements by booking time with your instructor, offer you access to online study courses, search for driving test dates and we pay fees for processing your payment. Therefore if you decide to cancel, your booking fee is non refundable. Any changes to your schedule must be approved by your driving instructor otherwise these will be charged.