Driving Test Cancellation Request - Non Customers

In order to book a driving test please use the DVSA website:


If you keep checking regularly, you should be able to find a driving test cancellation yourself pretty quickly, without our help.

If you require help getting a driving test quicker, then we can search for a driving test cancellation for you.

Most of the tests that we book are found manually by staff working long hrs, on the DVSA website looking for driving test cancellations manually.

To cover our costs, we charge a admin fee: £155 (+ VAT) + £62 Driving Test Fee ( = £248 incl. test).

Why do we charge for looking for a driving test ?

At present, there are extreme waiting lists for driving tests. Some test centres show no driving tests this year at all. This means, that when we want to book a driving test for you, it’s not an easy process of just logging in and booking one. It literally means, we will be checking manually the DVSA website, for hrs every day and it could take sometimes weeks before we find a test.

As you might be aware, the minimum wage in UK is roughly about £10 per hr now. When test availability is so limited, the working hrs in looking for cancellation build up quickly. In order to get the staff to work on this, we need to pay them. In order to pay them, we need to bill you.

I always advise my clients to try to book a test yourself first, for a couple of days at least. You might be lucky and you might find one quickly. Once you find one, you also need to check instructor is available, once it’s confirmed, then you get a test. If you decide it’s not for you (it’s a hard work just logging to the website 50-100 times a day just trying to book a test), then we can try to help.

We charge non customers £155 (+ vat) for the admin service (+ £62 driving test fee). This is non negotiable, given the amount of work it takes to find tests now.

To look for a test, we need a minimum of a 4 week window. There is no guarantee with this service, as we do not get guarantee that after spending so much time we will find a test, but we rarely fail. When we find one, you need to make yourself available.

Terms and conditions:

  • At present we only offer this service in these locations: Aberdeen, Glasgow & Surrounding Areas, Bristol & Chippenham, Exeter (you need to be flexible on the choice of test centre)
  • This is a flat fee, wether we need to pay staff for 5 or 20 hrs of admin work to find this driving test this is a fixed cost to you (to look for a test in these locations)
  • We cannot provide an estimate when we find you a test, the quicker we get one, the better for both of us (usually it’s at least 75%-90% faster than the waiting list)
  • You are responsible for organising lessons & car hire for the test for the test that we find, we do not provide cars for tests & we do not provide any assistance with finding a driving instructor for this service.
  • For other locations (ie London) & special arrangements (ie if you are not flexible on the test centre), the price is depending on the amount of admin hrs required & is likely to be much higher than above. Please contact for details.
  • After failing a practical driving test you won’t be able to re-sit another for 2 weeks, therefore we can only search for a driving test after that period of time if you have failed recently
  • There is no guarantees with this service, but we have been booking short notice tests for years and rarely fail
  • We need a minimum of a 4 week window to look for a test.
  • When we find a test, you need to make yourself available.
  • To proceed with this service your theory test must be valid for at least another 3 months

If you wish to use this service, please: 

Click on the button below, complete the form below & make the payment.