Course in Exeter - Frequently Asked Questions


1.) Why should I choose your company?


We specialize in organising intensive driving courses and we have been trading since 2014. We are a small company, with a very dedicated team.


We currently have 25  Fully Qualified Approved Driving Instructors working with us, who offer intensive driving courses in Aberdeen, Glasgow, Exeter and Bristol.


We publish results at our facebook page, allowing you to see for yourself the high-quality service we provide.



2.) Where are you based?


We cover Aberdeen, Glasgow, Bristol & Exeter. We aim to offer you pick up from home in these locations.


Course booking is done online or over the phone. Our Registered Office address is in Glasgow, although we work we from home & lessons are done with instructors in their cars.



3.) Will you pick me up from home?

Manual Gearbox:


We have four instructors who offer manual courses in Exeter. They can pick you up from your home in Exeter or within a 10-minute drive from Exeter.


They can also pick you up from near the Exeter driving test centre (Exeter – Marsh Barton – EX2 8FS). If you live outside of the city, you will need to travel to meet your instructor in Exeter. However, they can pick you up from the bus stop or train station in Exeter.


Our instructors cannot travel beyond these designated areas because our courses are intensive, and there is a lot to cover each day. Commuting back and forth would consume valuable lesson time. For example, a 30-minute drive outside the city (one way) would mean losing one hour of instruction time per day (with pick up and drop off), which equates to five hours lost each week. Instead, you can spend those five hours more effectively in Exeter, closer to the test centre, where you can focus on practicing essential skills such as junctions, roundabouts, and other.


Automatic Gearbox:


We have two instructors who offer automatic courses in this area, one is based in Newton Abbot (he covers Newton Abbot driving test centre). He can pick you up from your home in Newton Abbot or within a 10-minute drive from Newton Abbot.


Another, is based in Exmouth and covers Exmouth and Exeter East (for pick up).


If you live outside of these locations, you will need to travel to meet instructor in agreed location. However, they can pick you up from the bus stop or train station.


4.) What do I need to start? What should I take with me during my lessons?


Your driving instructor will need to see:


* your provisional driving licence

* a print out of your driver record, this can be done here

* We recommend taking a bottle of still water with you (each day).


5.) What time & how long will my lessons be? 


Generally, we recommend that you take time off work to complete your driving course because driving for four hours each day can be exhausting. Depending on the type of your work, you may be ok with returning to work for half days after / before sessions, but you will be tired.


Lessons usually occur in the mornings or early afternoons, depending on your instructor’s availability. Lesson time schedule is organised directly with the instructors, two weeks before the start date. If you require a specific time schedule, please discuss it with us during the booking process. We will confirm if the times you need will be available before you book your course.


6.) Will there be a break ?


Yes, there will be a break about halfway through your session. Your instructor will take you to a nearby place where you can get a drink, use the restroom, and take a break. Typically, we stop at a local supermarket such as Tesco or Asda.


7.) How does it work?


To begin with, your instructor will start your driving course in a quiet area so that you can get used to the car. Your instructor will teach you the basic skills such as moving off and stopping, as well as how to deal with junctions. Once you feel more comfortable and have mastered the basics, your instructor will introduce more challenging subjects such as roundabouts, crossroads, dual carriageways and other important topics. After you have covered all the subjects, your instructor will usually carry out a “mock test” to see if you are ready for the real driving test.



8.) Is the theory test included? How do I prepare for it?


Within the price we include all study materials for the theory test. You get access to highway code, hazard perception videos, multiple choice questions. Everything you need to prepare yourself for your theory test. The actual theory test is £23 on top of the course price & you book it (we will e-mail you all the instructions upon course booking). Driving Test is included within the price & we book it.


9.) How do I book my theory test?


Theory test dates are widely available. You can book these, through the DVSA website. For easiness, after you book your course with us, we will also send you an email with instructions on how to book your theory test. You simply need to follow the link, enter your provisional licence number, select a date and time, and make a payment of £23. We recommend that you book your theory test no later than 2 weeks before the start of your driving course. This way, if you fail first time, you can re-sit it during the course.


10.) Do I need to pass my theory test before booking a course with you?


No, about half of our clients book their driving course & theory test at the same time. Because usually we operate a couple of months waiting list for a course, they use this “waiting” time to get the theory test done before their driving course.


11.) Where do you sit theory test?


The theory test has to be sat at the DVSA theory test centre. Here you can find the nearest one.


12.) What if I fail my theory test?


You book another theory test as quickly as possible. You start your driving course as planned & cover majority of your lessons. Depending on your progress & arrangements with your instructor,you can either save some hrs from the course to use after you pass your theory test, or you get more lessons on pay as you go basis after the course.


13.) Do I get discount if I have passed my theory test already?


Unfortunately not, as theory test is paid separately at £23. We only provide study materials. You can still benefit from these study materials to refresh your highway code during your course.



14.) Is the driving test included ? When will my driving test be? What if I am not ready ?


One driving test is included within the price. We would usually start organising you a driving test the moment you pass your theory test and fill in our driving test request form (instructions will be e-mailed upon course booking) for a date around your course completion date.


Currently even though driving test waiting lists are extremely long (there is about 5-6 months waiting list for a driving test in Exeter) we get these tests about 90% faster than the waiting list. Usually that means getting a driving test within 1-2 weeks from course completion date, but sometimes it can take longer (very very rarely and if it does it’s a case of an extra week or so).


Your driving instructor usually will carry out a mock test on the last day of your driving course. If you are test ready then you would simply go for your driving test. If you are not ready, you can request additional lessons (subject to availability) and sit your driving test later.


15.) How do you get driving tests so fast?


Often, our clients might be under the impression that we have some priority access to booking tests. We would love this to be possible, unfortunately, it’s not how it works. Looking for driving tests requires a lot of time and effort, it’s not an easy task.


It’s something that you can do yourself. How do you do it? You log in to the DVSA website, and check it 100+ times a day. You do this for a couple of days / weeks, and at some point you find a test that someone else has cancelled. You book it, and you have a test faster than the waiting list. As you can imagine, this is a very time consuming process and many people, do not have the time to do that. With us, since we sell many driving courses, with the volume of tests that we need for our clients, we have a dedicated staff member to manage this task.


They work full-time, continuously monitoring the DVSA website for any available test slots. Once a suitable driving test becomes available, they quickly reserve it for our clients. Through this approach, we are able to secure between 60-100 driving test slots per month for our clients. These are simply driving tests, that other people had booked, but cancelled. As a result, our clients typically receive their driving test bookings quickly, within one to two weeks of completing their driving course, of course sometimes it can take a bit longer, but this happens very very rarely (and if it does it’s a case of an extra week or so).


We are confident in our ability of finding driving tests, as we have been in this business for nearly 10 years now.


16.) Is it a guaranteed pass?


While we cannot guarantee that you will pass your driving test as there are various factors that can impact the outcome, we strive to provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills to pass your test. We have helped many students successfully pass their driving test and are proud of their achievements.


17.) What is your pass rate? 


As we sell a large number of courses, we do not measure and publish exact pass rates. However, we do regularly share photos of our happy clients who have passed with us on our Facebook page. You can visit our page to see their testimonials and read about their experiences.


18.) What if I fail my driving test? 


You would  re-book your test (it’s £62) and book some additional lessons with your instructor on pay as you go (pay per hr) basis.


If you require help getting another driving test cancellation faster than the waiting list, you can hire our team to work for you on this. This service is billed at £199 (on top of the test fee). 



19.) Which course should I choose ?


We provide three Intensive Car Driving Courses with durations of 5, 7, and 10 days.


Here is an overview of each course to assist you in making a decision:


5-day course: With a total duration of 20 hours, it is designed for intermediate clients who meet the following criteria:


  • Have taken a minimum of 20 hours of driving lessons with a qualified instructor recently (e.g. within the last 6 months) & feel intermediate (e.g. “about half way there”)


  • Have taken a lot of private practice (e.g. been taking lessons with family) amounting to minimum 20 hours recently (e.g.. within the last 6 months) & feel intermediate (e.g. “about half way there”)


  • Clients who have private land and have been used to driving various vehicles (e.g. cars / farm vehicles) from young years, feel very comfortable with car control, and just need to get that “main roads” experience now


  • Had many driving lessons and have failed a driving test within the past 3 years


  • Were nearly ready to sit a driving test, within the past 2-3 years


  • Have a car driving licence from abroad and are legally allowed to drive in UK for some time (check the guidance on the DVSA website), but need to prepare for a UK Car Driving Test


More importantly, participants in this course should be intermediate and feel confident in their fundamental car skills, including:


  • Clutch control
  • Gears
  • Hill starts
  • Negotiating easy junctions
  • Maneuvering through easy roundabouts
  • Demonstrating the ability to perform at least one of the manoeuvres


7-day course: With a total duration of 30 hours, this course is suitable for clients who have some previous driving experience, but wish to spend more time on practicing basic car control.


It is most beneficial for clients who:


  • Have completed a minimum of 10 hours of driving lessons with an approved instructor recently (e.g. within the last 6 months)


  • Have taken at least 10 hours of private practice with friends / family (practiced & mastered the basics) recently (e.g. within the last 6 months)


  • Have taken a driving test within the past 4-10 years, but failed


  • Were nearly ready to sit a driving test, within the past 4-10 years


Participants in this course should have a grasp of basic skills, including:


  • Basic clutch control
  • Moving off and stopping
  • Dealing with easy junctions (e.g. emerging, turning left & right)
  • Progressive braking
  • Gears (e.g. 1st, 2nd, 3rd)
  • Easy hill starts


10-day course: This course is intended for individuals with little to no driving experience. It includes a total of 40 hours.


The 10-day course is most suitable for clients who:


  • Have no prior driving experience but are confident in their ability to learn quickly (note that 4 hours per day can be very exhausting, even with a break half way through)


  • Have taken some driving lessons, but still feel like need to start “from scratch”


  • Took a driving test many years ago, but would like to start “from scratch”


  • Were almost ready to sit a driving test, but it was many years ago, and would like to start “from scratch”


Additional notes:


Please be aware that this information serves as a basic guideline only. If you require more detailed advice, we encourage you to submit an inquiry through our website, and our team will contact you to provide further assistance.


It’s important to note that while we cannot guarantee that everyone will achieve the standard to sit their driving test after our courses, our instructors will put in every effort to help you achieve your goals. If you are not safe / driving test ready after your course, additional lessons may be necessary after completing the course, which can be arranged on a pay-as-you-go basis directly with your instructor (subject to availability). Furthermore, if you are not safe and test ready after completing your chosen course, you will need to re-schedule your driving test to a later date.


If you find yourself torn between two courses, for example you are considering both the 5-day and 7-day options, we typically recommend opting for the longer course. While longer course will be more expensive, additional on-road experience will enhance your confidence before taking your driving test. It will also help after your driving test, if you pass and start driving independently.


It’s worth noting that the driving test car hire (driving test takes about 40-minutes) is included in the total hours for each course. If you require additional hours beyond the course, they will be billed separately by your instructor.



Who should not consider intensive courses:


Intensive driving courses may not be suitable for clients who face challenges in learning to drive and require more time to grasp the concepts effectively. In such cases, opting for traditional lessons, spread over longer time, might yield better results. It is also important to note that intensive courses may not be the best choice for clients who find it difficult to spend long durations in the car  ( around 4 hours per day). Although there is a break in the middle of the sessions, it’s worth noting that these courses require a considerable amount of effort. Learning to drive intensively for extended periods can be tiring both physically and mentally. Moreover, you may also feel added time pressure as the driving test approaches rapidly.


Need More help?


If you need assistance selecting the most suitable course for your needs, please don’t hesitate to call us at 07413 250 300. We’ll be delighted to provide you with more information.



20.) How do I place my booking?


You can place your booking using our booking calendar. Once your booking is placed you will receive an e-mail confirmation with further instructions. If we require more information from you,we will call you to discuss.


21.) How do I pay for it ?


Prices in Exeter range from £1199-£1999. When making a booking course online, you will pay a partial fee of £399-£499 (depending on the course) with your card. We use this payment to book your course with the instructor, pay for your driving test, and send you study materials. The remaining balance is due to your driving instructor no later than 2 weeks before your course starts unless other arrangements have been made. Your instructor will usually request a bank transfer, but in some cases, they may prefer cash payment on the 1st day (some instructors do not do online banking). It’s best to discuss payment methods directly with your instructor. Please note that failing to pay the balance as agreed with your instructor may result in the loss of your space on the course with no refunds.


22.) What if I place a booking and cancel my course?


Ensuring that you can attend your chosen course before making a booking is important as we start making arrangements as soon as you book. We book time with your instructor, offer you access to online study courses, and search for driving test dates. Therefore, if you decide to cancel, your booking fee is non-refundable. Any changes to your schedule must be approved by your driving instructor, otherwise, additional charges may apply.