Intensive Course Terms & Conditions for Driving Instructors

Course Terms and Conditions:

  1. Each driving instructor must be self-employed, fully qualified DVSA ADI. Must have their own car with dual controls, the required insurance & follow Approved Driving Instructor code of practice.

  2. Course balance payment is due from the client to the ADI & the driving instructor is responsible for this payment.

  3. You should contact the client two weeks before the start of the driving course to arrange the course schedule and payment (email/text is preferred for schedule and bank details).

  4. When contacting the client, you should request the balance payment 2 weeks before the start of the course, by bank transfer (if you don’t do bank transfers, you can charge cash on the first day, but this comes with a risk of last-minute cancellation).

  5. If the client fails to pay the balance within a reasonable time from your request (i.e., a day or two), you should let us know, and we will chase them up.

  6. If you don’t get the payment 10 days prior to the start date of the course, let us know. The client will lose the space with no refunds, and if you give us this notice, it means we have the time to try to sell a new course and fill this space for you.

Additional Info Related to Booking Clients’ Driving Tests:

Each client is responsible for booking their own theory test. We email them all instructions along with study materials upon course booking.

Once they pass their theory test, they must complete the driving test request form.

When we receive it, it goes to another team member who is responsible just for booking driving tests.

This is how this form looks: Test Form

We find most of the driving tests within 2 weeks from course completion, by looking for cancellations. If you are contacting the client 2 weeks before the start of their course, and they do not have a driving test booked yet, it’s worth reminding them about this form too (we usually remind clients about it too, but sometimes they forget to fill it in).

Our Website Full Terms and Conditions Accepted by Each Client:

Full Terms and Conditions

If the Candidate Passes Their Driving Test:

Please ask if possible to take a photo with the pass certificate and email it over to me.