About Us

Pass in Days is run by Adrian Gluszko. Adrian has became a a driving instructor back in 2011. He has then started own driving school and continued with his training to then become an ORDIT Registered Driving Instructor Trainer (qualified to teach candidates to become driving instructors).

Over the years of teaching, Adrian has experienced that a lot of  clients prefer an alternative to taking 1-2 driving lessons per week and spending six months to a year on learning how to drive. This is why he has have put his focus on setting up a course that would allow the maximum amount of learning to take place in the shortest possible time

Adrian stopped offering traditional driving lessons, just so he can fully focus on providing top quality intensive driving courses.

This has proven to work really well and we had many happy customers. Adrian then stopped training learner drivers & instructors and worked on expanding this business, so that these courses can be offered to a wider audience at affordable prices.

We currently have about 25 Approved Driving Instructors, working with us, offering these courses in Aberdeen, Glasgow, Exeter & Bristol.

We aim to continue to grow as a business, but at present, rather than expanding to new areas, the main target is to provide a good & stable service to our customers in current locations.

When calling us, please keep mind we are a small company, under a huge demand just now. If it takes a while to get back to you, it’s probably just becouse we are very busy.

If you want to speak to us about our courses, please call us on 07413 250 300. If you wish to book, please use our online booking calendar.