Which Driving Course Is Right for You?

Driving is an essential skill for many. But the journey to passing your driving test can vary depending on your experience and confidence. Aiming to pass in days or speed up your journey with a fast track driving test? Intensive driving course in Aberdeen, intensive driving course in Glasgow, intensive driving course in Exeter or intensive driving course in Bristol, depending on your location, is the best option. The course duration, however, depends on your previous driving experience.

A Quick Overview of Our Intensive Driving Courses

In cities such as Aberdeen, Glasgow, Exeter, and Bristol, there are three main types of intensive driving courses available for learners:

      1. 5-day course (20 hours): for intermediate learners.

      1. 7-day course (30 hours): for those with basic driving experience.

      1. 10-day course (40 hours): for absolute beginners.

    So, let’s dive deeper into which course suits whom:

    5-Day Intensive Driving Course

    Duration: 20 hours

    Best for: Those with substantial recent experience. This can include:

        • 20 hours with a professional driving instructor in the last 6 months.

        • A similar amount of time practicing with family or on private land.

        • Those with a failed test in the past 3 years or were almost test-ready in the past 2-3 years.

        • Holders of a foreign license prepping for a UK Car Driving Test.

      Skills You Should Already Possess:

          • Clutch control

          • Gears

          • Hill starts

          • Navigating easy junctions and roundabouts

          • At least one maneuvering skill

        7-Day Intensive Driving Course

        Duration: 30 hours

        Best for:

            • Learners with at least 10 hours with the most recommended driving instructors or private practice in the last 6 months.

            • Those who were close to or failed a test between 4-10 years ago.

          Key Skills Expected:

              • Basic clutch control

              • Starting and stopping smoothly

              • Handling simple junctions

              • Progressive braking

              • Managing gears (up to 3rd)

              • Starting on gentle hills

            10-Day Intensive Driving Course:

            Duration: 40 hours

            Who is it for:

                • Absolute beginners.

                • Those who have taken a few lessons but prefer to start β€œfrom scratch”.

                • Individuals who took a test many years ago.

              Note: The sheer intensity of 4 hours of daily driving can be exhaustive!

              What If You’re Undecided?

              Caught between choices, such as the 5-day and 7-day courses? Considering the benefits, lean towards the longer course. Even though it might cost more, having more on-road time undeniably boosts confidence. This advantage is invaluable not only for your test but also for solo driving adventures later on.

              Moreover, it’s important to note that all our courses include the car hire for the driving test. Notably, the test lasts about 40-minutes. Consequently, any extra hours needed post-course will be settled directly with your professional driving instructor.

              Is an Intensive Driving Course Not for You?

              Navigating the options, not everyone’s cut out for crash driving courses. Perhaps you need more time to understand driving concepts? Alternatively, do you find it taxing to be in a car for 4 hours daily? In that case, a more traditional, extended course might suit you better. After all, the imminent nature of a rapid test can indeed add pressure. Ultimately, our goal is for you to pass your driving test swiftly without added stress!

              Final Thoughts

              Your choice should be based on where you currently stand and where you wish to be. Need more advice? Reach out to our team. As the leading provider of intensive driving courses Aberdeen, intensive driving courses Glasgow, intensive driving courses Exeter, and intensive driving courses Bristol, we’re here to steer you in the right direction. Safe driving! πŸš—πŸ’¨

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