Pass your driving test faster

Are you eager to obtain your driver’s license without the agonizing wait that comes with the typical driving test booking process? Look no further. Pass in Days offers top-notch intensive driving courses and fast-track test bookings. If you’re in Aberdeen, Glasgow, Bristol, or Exeter, and want to pass your driving test fast, we have the solution.

Getting Ahead of the Waiting List

The waiting list for driving tests can be long, especially in cities like Bristol, where it can stretch up to over a year. However, at Pass in Days, we pride ourselves on delivering a remarkable advantage to our clients. We aim to secure your driving test 90% faster than the typical waiting list.

Once you pass your theory test and complete our driving test request form (sent upon course booking), we immediately set the wheels in motion. Our goal is to schedule your practical driving test around your course completion date, typically within 1-2 weeks. In rare instances, it might take a bit longer, but it’s usually just a matter of an extra week or so.

Mock Tests and Readiness

Before your big day, your dedicated driving instructor will conduct a mock test on the final day of your intensive driving course. If you’re deemed test-ready, you’ll proceed to your driving test with confidence. However, if additional practice is needed, you can request extra lessons, subject to availability, and reschedule your driving test for a later date.

No Secret Access, Just Dedicated Effort

Some might wonder if we have priority access to booking driving tests. The truth is, we don’t. Securing these test slots requires relentless effort and diligence. You can attempt it yourself by repeatedly checking the DVSA website. It’s a time-consuming process that not everyone can manage. That’s where Pass in Days stands out.

Our team understands the importance of timely test bookings. We employ a dedicated staff member who works tirelessly to monitor the DVSA website for any available test slots. As soon as a suitable opening becomes available, we swiftly reserve it for our clients. Through this proactive approach, we manage to secure between 60-100 driving test slots each month.

A Decade of Expertise

With nearly a decade of experience in the industry, we’ve honed our ability to secure driving tests efficiently. While we can’t guarantee a passing grade due to various factors influencing the outcome, we are committed to equipping you with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed.

Our track record speaks for itself. We’ve helped countless students pass their driving tests, and take immense pride in their achievements. We don’t publish exact pass rates. However, we regularly feature testimonials and success stories from our happy clients on our Facebook page.

In conclusion, when you choose Pass in Days, you’re not only enrolling in the best intensive driving course in Aberdeen, intensive driving course in Glasgow, intensive driving course in Bristol, or intensive driving course in Exeter. You’re also gaining access to a unique advantage – a fast-track booking service that significantly reduces the waiting time for your practical driving test. Don’t let the lengthy waiting lists deter you from achieving your driving dreams. 

 Join us and fast-track your way to success!

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